We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with CleanSea, an incredible organisation committed to eliminating plastic from our oceans and shorelines. With this collaboration, each purchase you make from us will remove 200g of plastic waste from the ocean – that’s equivalent to 20 plastic bottles!

The ocean has always held a special place in our hearts. When we launched HAV in 2019, we spent time along Sweden’s west coast and witnessed the alarming amount of plastic waste polluting the shoreline and harming nature. Since then, we’ve partnered with SEAQUAL to incorporate nylons made from recycled plastic ocean waste into our products. However, we’ve always aimed to do more and have a genuine impact with each sale. Thanks to your support, HAV can now contribute directly to safeguarding our oceans, wildlife, and environment by removing plastic waste.

CleanSea was founded by twins Lukas and Mikaela Julher in 2019, driven by their mission to create a future where our oceans thrive without plastic. Their approach involves actively removing harmful debris from the ocean, whether it’s on the surface, ocean floor, coastlines, or islands – they’re dedicated to cleaning up every bit of plastic, discarded fishing gear, and waste as possible.

Every hour, the equivalent of 5 bathtubs full of plastic washes up on Bohuslän Sweden. Shockingly, 94% of seabirds in the North Sea ingest plastic, and countless marine creatures lose their lives due to plastic pollution every year. Disturbingly, projections indicate that by 2050, the ocean could contain more plastic than fish.

In short, our oceans are facing a dire situation, but it’s not too late to take a stand…